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About IoTAh™ 

IoTAh™ is an innovative and affordable forklift truck monitoring and data logging device that allows users to capture and monitor forklift truck usage in real-time wirelessly.

  • Provides detailed logs of truck usage (Amp-Hours) and utilization
  • Provides detailed logs and reports of motive power equipment utilization at any site
  • Provides auditing & verification records for SCT’s SmartRebates LCFS program
  • Integrates with SmartRebates cloud application
Features Capabilities
No Monthly Subcription View truck amp draw, KW usage, daily shifts, idle hours, and more.
Easy Installation Analyze fleet performance and resource allocation with customized reporting.
Mobile App Configuration Remotely program, configure, and update firmware for IoTAh devices.
Cloud Integration
Advanced truck data analytics & reports
iOS & Android Compatible
Metrics Performance
Nominal Battery Voltage 12V – 80V
Operating Voltage 12V – 110V
Operating Temperature -25C – 60C
Current Sensor Hall Effect
Voltage Resolution +/- 30mV
Current Sense Resolution +/- 1A minimum
Communication Interface Wi-Fi
Safety UL
Mechanical 4.9″ x 2.18″ x 0.85″
Enclosure Potted