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Get paid to reduce fleet emissions with Smart Rebates™

Smart Rebates™ is an energy rebate program managed by Smart Charging Technologies (SCT) designed to help companies capitalize on dormant revenue opportunities generated by low-carbon fueled forklift trucks, MHE, and transportation fleets under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program (CFP). By using alternative fuels to power industrial transportation fleets, companies can generate quarterly revenue streams from the energy credits they accrue under the LCFS and CFP.


Why Smart Rebates™?

By participating in the Smart Rebates™ program, your company can generate energy credits by using low-carbon-based fuels like electricity or hydrogen to power forklifts, MHE, and transportation fleets. Depending on your fleet size, vehicle type, usage, and fuel origination, typical quarterly earnings can range between $75 to $300 (or even more) per truck for as long as your company remains enrolled and qualifies for LCFS & CFP energy credits.

Smart Rebates™ is a no-cost program and only requires your company to provide SCT or our service providers with access to your site and equipment usage data.

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Our role

SCT and our service providers will partner with your company to:

  • Assess whether your company qualifies for Smart Rebates™
  • Develop and implement measurement and reporting tools
  • Collect required information on your forklift or material handling equipment (MHE) fleet
  • Register your company into the LCFS or CFP
  • Submit quarterly reporting data and other compliance documentation
  • Create environmental attributes
  • Administer the generation of energy credits
  • Aggregate and sell energy credits
  • Distribute earnings to your company within 60 days of the reporting quarter

How the program works

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How can your company enroll in Smart Rebates™?

Companies interested in Smart Rebates™ must first opt-in by signing the Participation Agreement and allow SCT or our service providers to survey your site to assess and collect your forklift truck, MHE, transportation fleet, and battery charger data. Once your company is deemed eligible for Smart Rebates™, you’re only required to provide us with quarterly changes to your fleet.


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