Smart Rebates™ for Your Dealership

We manage audits, reporting, and trading. You deliver the savings to your customers.

Get Paid to Reduce Fleet Emissions with Smart Rebates™

Smart Charging Technologies™ (SCT) helps you provide more value to your customers at no cost to you. We help owners unlock the full potential of their electric vehicle fleets, and as dealers, you can earn revenue through the energy rebate programs your customers are enrolled in.


Our Smart Rebates™ Dealership Program makes it easy for you to take advantage of government-administered clean energy incentives.


  • Benefits for you: You’ll earn revenue for your customers’ electric fleets enrolled in an energy rebate program and be able to offer your customers additional savings.
  • Benefits for your customers: They’ll earn quarterly cash rebates for their electric fleets through our energy credit management program. 


We do all the work to help you and your customers maximize the rewards. Learn why we're a leading energy credit aggregator.

Benefits for You and Your Customers

We make it easy for you to make the sale. Become an SCT-Approved Dealer, and offer your customers added value: a hassle-free way to earn additional revenue through energy credits. Through our no-cost energy credit management program, you’ll also earn revenue for every vehicle your customers enroll.


Become a one-stop shop for your customers

Rather than working with multiple entities to purchase electric vehicles and receive energy credits, you’ll give customers everything they need. We do all the paperwork and reporting so you can simply deliver the savings!

Get the most value for you and your customers

As one of the largest credit aggregators in the country, we guarantee higher prices for your customers’ credits, so you can be more competitive as a dealer.


Improve customer relations

Other rebate managers give rebate checks to your clients, whereas you’ll be giving your customers the check every time, providing an opportunity to interact with your customers regularly. That’s your customer, not ours!

Here’s How It Works

Our no-cost program will help your clients earn energy credits for using electricity to power forklifts, MHE, and transportation fleets, including trucks and buses. Selling these vehicles to customers enables them to generate energy credits, which are traded on a credit market.


Through our Smart Rebates™ Dealership Program, you’ll become an SCT-approved dealer and earn a portion of the trading fee while enabling your customers to earn rebates.


Businesses of all sizes are welcome to participate. Our enrollment process is fast and easy, and we ensure optimized credit pricing every quarter for all kinds of electric vehicles.

Eligible vehicles include:

  • Electric or Hydrogen Forklift Trucks GSE
  • Electric Transportation Refrigeration Units (eTRUs)
  • Electric Trucks - All Classes and Yard Tractors
  • Electric Buses and Shuttles

We work with dealers in:

  • California
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Canada

application - smart rebates

Easy Application

When your customers purchase EVs from you, you enroll their vehicles in our Smart Rebates™ program. Vehicles from other dealers can also be enrolled, and you’ll earn credits from those as well.

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Maximum Credit Value


SCT calculates and files reports on behalf of the customers’ EVs, and then aggregates and trades credits through the appropriate state or federal energy rebate programs. We sell directly to fuel producers, cutting out brokers and maximizing the value of the credits.


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Quarterly Rebates

SCT sends you a quarterly rebate check for traded credits, which you will send directly to your customers. You also earn a percentage of SCT’s trading fees quarterly.

Why Smart Rebates™?

SCT is a trusted advisor for energy rebate programs and can assist you in facilitating energy credits for your customers quickly, easily, and reliably. Provide more value to your customers while also earning yourself!

You Deliver the Savings

Unlike other rebate managers, you give the rebate checks directly to your customers, allowing you to build positive relationships with your clientele every quarter.

Over $100M in Rebates Back to Customers

We get you and your customers more money for their energy credits than other aggregators. Our long term contracts with major credit buyers (fuel producers) means high rebates are locked in.

200 Years Combined Industry Experience

Our experts in power equipment, industrial batteries, battery charging, and monitoring technologies have over 200 years of combined industry experience.

What Customers Are Saying

“Every forklift truck that is not enrolled in SCT’s LCFS Rebate Program is costing your company…Easy set-up. This program creates revenue and supports our sustainability goals. I fully endorse Smart Charge’s Rebate Program.” - Merit Logistics, Chief Operating Officer

“We were impressed by SCT’s professionalism, commitment to the warehousing industry, and conservative approach to collecting data and reporting accurately. We liked the fact that they are a significant brick-and-mortar corporation that provides a CARB Audit Protection Guarantee. I fully endorse Smart Charging Technology“ - American Tire Distributors, Senior Sourcing Manager

“We chose SCT to handle our CA LCFS Rebate Program. Their site audits contained very good detail. SCT owns and handles problem resolution from any regulatory audit. I am very pleased with how SCT took ownership and produced credible results.” - Grocery Outlet, Senior Director Logistics Operations

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