Smart Rebates™ for EV FLEETS

Enroll in our no-cost credit management program to earn rebates from your EV fleet

Get Paid to Reduce Fleet Emissions with Smart Rebates™

Smart Charging Technologies™ offers a no-cost energy credit management program for electric vehicle fleets, giving you an alternative revenue stream from government-administered programs. Owners of electric forklifts, buses, and trucks can enroll in our Smart Rebates™ program today to start earning energy credits - all with no out-of-pocket costs to you.

The quarterly payments you'll receive from energy credits can offset your operating costs or enable you to invest in more EVs, generating even more credits!

We’ll do all the hard work of trading, reporting, and managing your credits for you. Our Smart Rebates™ program will:

  • Manage, calculate, and report credits on your behalf
  • Meet all compliance requirements
  • Maximize the value of your credits

Our management services are fully covered by energy rebate program revenue streams, meaning no out-of-pocket costs for you. Learn why more than 1000 companies choose to work with us.

Why Smart Rebates™?

We guarantee a higher price

We guarantee a higher price.

By cutting out the middleman, we guarantee higher prices for your credits.

We offer best-in-class compliance guarantees for future audits.

With us, you’ll have access to continuous internal audits, ensuring your credits are compliant with current standards.
We offer best-in-class compliance guarantees for future audits.
We perform site surveys free of charge

We perform site surveys as part of our comprehensive service.

Our site audits are conducted as part of our no-cost Smart Rebates™ program. In the event of a change to your site, we’ll perform a site survey that reflects your new level of earning potential, at no charge.

How Our Program Works

Energy rebate programs are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transportation fuel by incentivizing clean energy alternatives with energy rebates. Electric fleet owners earn credits for using electric vehicles, which are then sold to fuel producers who need to offset their carbon deficits.


When you sign up through our Smart Rebates program, you'll start earning credits through your EV fleet.

Eligible fleets include:

  • Electric or Hydrogen Forklift Trucks GSE
  • Electric Transportation Refrigeration Units (eTRUs)
  • Electric Trucks — All Classes and Yard Tractors
  • Electric Buses and Shuttles

Eligible regions include:

  • California
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Canada
Site Survey

1. Site Survey

A Smart Rebates™ Program Manager will perform a site audit and give you an estimate of quarterly earnings. We’ll alleviate the burden and compliance risks associated with reporting by accurately capturing relevant site and equipment usage.

Reporting Icon

2. Reporting

SCT handles all of the applications involved in enrolling you in your state’s energy rebate program. All ongoing reports and filing will be handled by us on a quarterly basis.

Credit Aggregation

3. Credit Aggregation

You generate credits through your EV fleet while SCT calculates and reports the aggregated credits. We’ll sell your credits on the market to fuel producers who need to offset their carbon deficits, ensuring the best prices for your rebates.

Cash Rebates

4. Cash Rebates

Every quarter you’ll have a cash rebate delivered to your door, at no cost to you!

Our Experience

SCT is a trusted advisor that can assist you in maximizing your credits, giving you a reliable, easy revenue stream.

Over $100M in Rebates Back to Customers

SCT is the largest aggregator of energy rebate credits in California in the material handling industry.

200 Years Combined Industry Experience

Our experts in motive power equipment, industrial batteries, battery charging, and monitoring technologies have over 200 years of combined industry experience.

Assets Beyond State Requirements

Unlike other rebate managers, we offer assets beyond state requirements. Our services include a cloud computing platform to give you a thorough audit trail of data that is always accessible to you. You can access site information from anywhere, anytime to minimize compliance risk.

What Our Customers Say

“Every forklift truck that is not enrolled in SCT’s LCFS Rebate Program is costing your company…Easy set-up. This program creates revenue and supports our sustainability goals. I fully endorse Smart Charge’s Rebate Program.” - Merit Logistics, Chief Operating Officer

“We chose SCT to handle our CA LCFS Rebate Program. Their site audits contained very good detail. SCT owns and handles problem resolution from any regulatory audit. I am very pleased with how SCT took ownership and produced credible results.” - Grocery Outlet, Senior Director Logistics Operations

“We were impressed by SCT’s professionalism, commitment to the warehousing industry, and conservative approach to collecting data and reporting accurately. We liked the fact that they are a significant brick-and-mortar corporation that provides a CARB Audit Protection Guarantee. I fully endorse Smart Charging Technology“ - American Tire Distributors, Senior Sourcing Manager

“Last year, Wayfair enrolled 3 facilities in an energy rebate program managed by SCT. We earn over $30,000 per truck. There is 0 cost and no enrollment fee. It is an excellent revenue stream and I strongly encourage you to sign up.” - Wayfair, Facilities Manager

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