IoT Monitoring Technology

lotah product image
Lotah product image on transparent background

IoTAh™ – Forklift Truck Monitor

IoTAh™ is an innovative cloud-based forklift truck monitoring device designed to capture real-time truck usage for Smart Rebates™ reporting.

IoTEmeter Edge™ – Power & Energy Meter

IoTEmeter Edge™ is a three-phase IoT power meter and data logging device designed to meet the needs of various industrial applications.

switch always on
Switch always on device apparatus on transparent background

Switch Always On™ — Smart UPS

Switch Always On™ is a smart IoT DC micro power supply (UPS) designed to provide uninterrupted power and connectivity for networking devices.

CHARGLINK™ – DC Energy Monitor

CHARGLINK™ is a smart accessory that enables ANY industrial charger to be an IoT connected Charger.